Friday, October 17, 2008

The Nursery

Along with naming our son, I was also super excited to decorate his room. We began by having a huge garage sale and selling most of the things that made up our guest room. We also started the search for a comfortable sleeper sofa since we were getting rid of our nice guest accommodations.

The theme for Evan's room was decided long before we even had Allison. It is sort of a no brainer in our family that a boy's room would be all about sports and mostly baseball. After we cleared out the room, we found a nice khaki color for the walls. Cory and his dad painted the room one weekend and then the fun part for me began. My first purchase for his room was this great baseball lamp on eBay. We used the crib we had used for Allison (which was actually my crib from when I was born also used by my little brother Danny, and used by my cousin Essy). I had fun and his room was finally coming together with just a couple small touches still needed.

People have often asked me what I have done with his room. The truth is that I have not changed anything. I think as of right now that I will just keep his room the way it is. Although this will always be Evan's room, I guess what I really hope is that another baby will get the honor of using his nursery someday.

Thy word is a lamp unto my feet,
and a light unto my path.

Psalm 119:105

Allison helping paint her baby brother's room


JJC said...

i LOVE LOVE his room. from the first time i saw it, i knew that it was absolutely perfect. each piece of furniture, each picture, and each item are SO you and cory. i love the dresser, baseball lamp, and "batter up" most of all! ...and the "evan" door hanger is quite cute, too. ;) oh, and the fabric on the chair is co cute--reminds me of baseball stitching! it's so obvious that your love for evan was poured into that room. i feel like i have so many memories in that room--from our days in the guest room to celebrating it being evan's room. i'll always love that room.

love you, sweet friend. i'll be thinking about you over the next few days! ;)

Our Joyful Adventure said...

You did such a wonderful job on Evan's room. I love it. I am praying, too, that another baby will be able to use his room. Love you.

Mimi said...

The mattress in the guest room was soooo comfortable, but I was glad to give it up for Evan's nursery. Eveything in the room came together so perfectly. From themes like baseball, boy, the USA and God how could it be anything but perfect. I loved the rocking chair when Allison was tiny and I was so anticipating rocking Evan. I am praying that someday another little one will be using the lovely nursery. Love Mimi

The Stoker Family said...

Your desires will not go unfulfilled. I truly believe that God will give you another tiny angel on earth to have that room. You will have many opportunities to tell that precious baby how this room is very special because it is guarded by an angel. I just hope that if you have a girl that she likes baseball :-)

I love you, sweet friend!

Sandy, Pramod n Arjun Yenamandra said...

Thank you for sharing Evan's room pictures. I loved the way you decorated his is so cute with the baseball theme; loved it;)

I am praying that soon another baby will be able to use his room and I absolutely adore the way you write this blog. Love you my good sweet friend! Sandy

JJC said...

hey! just thinking about you! hope you're having a good day.